Hello Tomorrow 2020 Japan Kick-off


Deep Tech can create a better future.
Deep Tech innovation has the potential to solve major industrial, environmental and social world challenges as well as creating entirely new industries.

Hello Tomorrow helps connecting Japanese deeptech players with the global community to foster interaction and collaboration between enterprises, public entities, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs around the globe.

13:00 PM – 13:30 PM Welcome coffee & registration

13:30 PM – 14:00 PM Opening discussion: what is Deep Tech ?
Presentations & panel

Prof. John Kojiro Moriwaka - Multi entrepreneur - moderator
Cabinet office
- Yoshiaki ISHII, innovation policies promotion
Boston Consulting Group - Sekine MASAYUKI, GAMMA associate director
Hello Tomorrow - Deep tech ecosystem expert

14:00 PM – 14:15 PM Introduction of Hello Tomorrow 2020 in Japan, Introduction of Paris Deep Tech week

14:15 PM – 14:30 PM Keynote
Curent state of Materials R&D and key challenges

Timur BAZHIROV, Exabyte.io founder & CEO (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Berkeley university)

14:30 PM – 14:40 PM Break

14:40 PM – 15:10 PM World tour of health related solutions
Start-up pitches
Neteera - Reinventing vital-signs monitoring. Seiji TAKEUCHI, Japan representative (Israel)
Genoplan - Genetic information provider. Naoki KOJIMA, Regional Japan manager (Japan)
Nightingale Health - Data, discoveries and insights for solving the global chronic disease crisis. Ida TUONONEN, Japan representative (Finland)
Braincures - Biology and biomarker driven precision medicine. Krzysztof POTEMPA, Founder & CEO (UK)

15:10 PM – 15:20 PM Break

15:20 PM – 16:20 PM World tour of industry related solutions
Start-up pitches
Exabyte.io - Materials modeling 2.0. Timur BAZHIROV, Founder & CEO (US)
Apostera - open ADAS platform. Andrey GOLUBINSKIY, co-founder & CEO (Germany)
3D Printing Corp - 3D Impression for manufacturing. Alexander S. De Vore, CEO (Japan)
Quartolio - Responsive research informatics (TM) platform. Nicole BISHOP, Founder & CEO (US)
TequM - Battery diagnosis. Shingo TSUDA, President (Japan) and Masako HINO
Bound4blue - Foldable and autonomous wingsail system for vessels. Cristina ALEIXENDRI, co-founder & COO (Spain)

16:20 PM – 16:30 PM Break

16:30 PM – 16:55 PM Panel discussion: Key success factors and difficulties in your countries?

16:55 PM – 17:00 PM Closing remarks
Hello Tomorrow Japan - Claire BOCHARD, Project Director for Japan

17:00 PM – 18:00 PM Networking

Prof. John Kojiro Moriwaka (森若 幸次郎) is a recognized Japanese multi-entrepreneur, author, musician, professor, public speaker, and painter. He studied commerce and economics at the University of Sydney in 2008 and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School since 2013. He is a renowned speaker expert on global entrepreneurship and startups and heavily spends time in Silicon Valley and Harvard to share their best practices with his audiences.

Neteera is working with healthcare and automotive markets by providing the technology that can monitor human’s biometric data in a contact free, seamless, safe and reliable manner under motion.
Seiji Takeuchi has been working with Semicon market for more than 20 years.

Genoplan is a consumer genomics company. It provides a connected and seamless solution to empower consumer with a precise genetic analysis based on his or her health predispositions. Thus enlightening its important roles in health, well being and personal lifestyle.
Naoki Kojima (Country Manager of Genoplan Japan) studied Sports Medicine at California State University. He joined Genoplan in 2018. He is a leader and business developer who aims for innovation using genetic information.

Nightingale Health is a biotech company aiming to solve the global burden of chronic diseases by developing pioneering solutions that facilitate active prevention, in particular with our proprietary blood testing technology. In essence, we exist to enable people to live healthier lives.
Ida Tuononen, Business Manager for Japan, holds a diverse background from technology, engineering and insurance industries building international marketing & communication concepts, risk management models and organizational transformations. She is currently in charge of building Nightingale Health’s business intelligence and market entry into bringing the company’s ground-breaking blood analysis technology to Japan.

BRAINCURES has developed a molecular GPS approach to de-risk and accelerate drug discovery with a real-world data (RWD)-based 69 – 97 % Phase III Clinical Failure Prevention rate.
Dr. Krzysztof Potempa is the Founder and CEO of BRAINCURES, an award-winning data analytics company. Bringing over 15 years of experience in turning data into actionable insights in pharma and academia, he leads a team dedicated to and passionate about enabling nearly failure free drug discovery and better treatments for the 1 in 10 people affected by brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression and Epilepsy. Krzysztof graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry in 2002 and from Pierre and Marie Curie University with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience in 2007.

Exabyte.io is a computational platform accelerating the development of new materials for semiconductor, energy and manufacturing sectors by optimizing the R&D via extended use of modeling/simulations.
Timur Bazhirov established Exabyte.io in 2015 after obtaining a physics Ph.D. degree at UC Berkeley. There he worked with Marvin Cohen on first-principles computational studies of superconductivity and beyond, and published a handful of peer-reviewed articles before one day realizing that the way we apply materials modeling needs to be modernized. Timur graduated with honors from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, is a regular reviewer of Physical Review Letters, speaks Russian and Tatar, and can often be seen cycling the Northern California coast.

Apostera offers Mixed Reality solution for the companies developing AR heads-up displays (HUDs), Navigation Suppliers, and OEMs. The solution, based on augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV) and sensor fusion technologies, adds a layer of intelligence to traditional navigation systems. Our solution merges the virtual and real worlds helping drivers understand in an exact way where to make a maneuver.
Andrey Golubinskiy is the Co-founder and CEO of Apostera. 12 years history of working in the Automotive industry Europe, Asia and US regions. Skilled in Management, Navigation, ADAS Systems and Telematics, Leadership and Risk Management

3D Printing corp. helps you tailor 3D impressions for manufacturing to your needs.
Alexander S. De Vore is 3D Printing corp. CEO.

Quartolio is a responsive research informatics™ platform that streamlines R&D by transforming documents into data points with the power of AI.
Nicole Bishop, Founder & CEO of Quartolio, is an alum of MIT Global Entrepreneurship, IndieBio, NYU Steinhardt EdTech Accelerator, Village Capital, and Camelback Ventures Fellowship. For nearly 20 years, she has developed innovative tech tools and strategies that help companies grow. After a missed diagnosis of Lyme disease unveiled the inefficiency and cost of disconnected research, she founded Quartolio, the culmination of her passion for science, technology, and informatics.

TequM is a venture company which was launched in October 2019. We manufacture the measuring device using an impedance methodology, which can measure battery life with non-distractive method. Our technology will be a judge for EV batteries to be recycled and refurbished.
Shingo Tsuda is the founder and president of TequM. He has been in the battery industry more than 45 years. For Panasonic, he developed and successfully sold alkaline batteries, and next-generation batteries, such as Li-ion, solid-state, and fuel-cells. He joined Primearth EV Energy as board member and senior management supervising technology, quality, and manufacturing. He is now visiting professor at Waseda University where he has been promoting partnerships with companies in batteries R&D.
Masako HINO is the corporate adviser of TequM. She returned to Japan in 2018 after nine years of staying in the U.S. where she earned the B.S. degree and worked at Baker Hughes and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America as a research scientist. She is now an adjunct researcher at Waseda University

bound4blue is a Spanish startup that has developed a rigid wingsail system to reduce the fuel consumption of the shipping industry by an average of 30%.
Cristina Aleixendri Muñoz is co-founder and COO at bound4blue.
She has worked as a researcher for the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, carrying out thermal and electromagnetic interference analysis using FEM software. She was selected in 2017 as one of Europe’s TOP 50 Entrepreneurs, a prize organized by Knowledge 4 Innovation and the European Commission, and she has received the 2019 edition of the Forbes 30 Under 30 award,
Cristina Aleixendri Muñoz holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 2014)

日時: 2020年1月30日(木)- 13:30-18:00
場所: 在日フランス商工会議所 1階会議室(東京都中央区日本橋本町2-2-2)
▶Hello Tomorrow Japan 会員:無料
言語:英語/日本語 (通訳なし)

・Hello Tomorrow のプロモーションを目的に、 イベントの撮影および撮影した内容を利用させて頂くことがあります。
・海外の登壇者について言語は英語のみとなり、 また講演はVideo Conferenceとなる場合もあります。
・チケットを複数枚購入希望の場合はこちらのリンクからお問い合わせください 。claire.bochard@hello-tomorrow.org

Date: 30th January 2020 - 13:30-18:00

Venue: CCI France Japon 1F (2-2-2 Nihonbashi Honcho Chuo-ku 103-0023 Tokyo)
Hello Tomorrow Japan Corporate members ¥0 Free
Corporate, Investor ¥16,000
Government agency, University ¥5,000
Researcher, Startup ¥5,000
Media Please contact here (claire.bochard@hello-tomorrow.org)
Language: English/Japanese (No translation)
※Please bring 2 business cards

・The schedule and the speaker may change
・There will be photo and video taking for PR
・Some speaker session may be a video conference

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